Loss of prime

Loss of prime


1984 CJ7, Dana 30, AMC 20, T5
Hey guys, kind of new to posting here and couldn't find a previous thread on this question. My CJ7 is hard to start after it sits for a day or more. I am pretty sure it has to do with losing prime. It fires right up with some starting fluid and I just need to keep the pedal halfway down until she warms up, then everything is fine. I can drive around, stopping and restarting no problem.

I replaced the rubber fuel line from the tank to the fuel pump, but still no luck.

Plenty of things need fixed on her, but this one is really annoying. I finally got rid of a slow ground, so the battery can stand to sit for a while. I just really want to be able to walk out on the weekend and fire her up.

Any suggestions or advice?
Have you had the carb apart for a cleaning and rebuild kit? That did wonders for mine.
Not yet. The guy I bought it off of said he had recently rebuilt it, but who knows. Thinking of tackling it this winter, if for no other reason than to learn some more about how it works.
Be sure the fuel filter return port is above the filter-to-carb line.
Can you see any gas in thecarb bore when you pump it?

The accelerator pump might not be working
From were I sit it sounds like your fuel pump may be on it's way out. I believe there is a check valve in them that keeps fuel from draing back to the tank, easy way to check would be let it sit however long it is that gives you the hard start then disco the fuel line at the pump outlet and you should get fuel on the floor from the hose to the filter.
Also check the filter orientation as gillmore said.
Be sure the fuel filter return port is above the filter-to-carb line.

Checked this; my fuel filter is an inline with one in and one out. Must be because at some point this was switched from a Carter to Motorcraft carb. Thanks.

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