marriage and tornados

marriage and tornados


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What do Marriage and a Tornado have in common?

Well you start off with a lot of blowing and then sucking,
and then next thing you know your house is gone!
All I know is no matter what, ex'es get 1/2 :(
Just read below.
Ex's don't always get half, LOL.

Marriage and tornado's, if you live it a trailer it's gonna get tore up.
Ex's don't always get half, LOL.

Marriage and tornado's, if you live it a trailer it's gonna get tore up.
The only way a ex in Ca. doesnt get 1/2 is pretty Limited. If you can prove you had or bought something before the marriage you can keep that stuff, anything while together gets torn in 1/2, lets not forget that if you've been married for 10 yrs or more the court will order spousal support for life( reviewable every 5 years with the average being 3 reviews ,@ about 4-5k per trip to court, before it's terminated) It's a bit like our welfare system, you get to work your butt off so a lazy POS doesnt have too.....
Who said it's cheaper to keep her when a shovel costs twelve bucks :D ...............J/K
Oh and Brock I guess you dad should have told you if you're going to be stupid, you better be rich. sorry couldn't resist hope everything works out for ya!
Nah all is good on my 2nd wife.
Didn't have to pay the 1st one, paper work was
processed and we went our seperate ways.

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