Metal pin on my drain plug (CJ7 3 speed MT)

Metal pin on my drain plug (CJ7 3 speed MT)


1979 Jeep CJ7; 258ci straight 6, T-150 3 Speed, Dana 20 Xfer Caser, (not sure of diffs, the guy I bought it from said "solid axle").
I just bought this Jeep, and I am new to the Jeep world. Over the last 2 weeks I have spent hours upon hours trying to get this thing on the trail. The more I look at it, the more things I find that need attention. Tonight I decided to drain the tranny and xfer case (which both had about 1 quart total between the two).
Anyway, here is what was on the drain plug for the Tranny. Any idea what it may be?
I believe what you have there is a roller bearing. can you make a mark on it with a file?? as in, is it hard or soft. I do not think it is a drive pin.
Yah its hard.
Its only a matter of time before the rest fly off.
bearings don't usually go one at a time, when they get to the point of throwing rollers they usually go in a catastrophic manor. Take the cover off the top, not too hard a job, and see if you have any obvious slop anywhere.:D

welcome on to the path to enlightenment.

If owning a jeep was easy, everybody would own one.:D
I need the tranny out of the Jeep to do that, don't I? I might as well take it out anyway, since I need to rebuild the thing...
It may have been rebuilt and the rolleris just a small woops. it is easy to drop the rollers and hard to get them back out without dismantling a lot of what you just did. you didn't mention what transmission you have, I am assuming it is a T-150 ?:cool:

I need the tranny out of the Jeep to do that, don't I? I might as well take it out anyway, since I need to rebuild the thing...
well its a 1979 CJ7 with 3 speed. That is all I know.
Plus the tranny leaks. I need to at least replace seals...
The Borg Warner T150 Jeep Transmission - Novak Conversions

check out this site, it will help you identify your transmission and transfer case and it is a good source of rebuild kits.:cool:

I think a rebuild is a very good idea.

when you identify your drive line be sure to add it to your profile, it makes it a lot easier fro the rest of us to carry on an intelligent conversation.:D
Excellent! Thank You.

One day I will drive this Jeep...
Have you heard of that new TV series where they drop some guys off with a Jeep and they have to drive out of wherever they are?

Well I could do that, only my story would be, "Will he ever get out of his garage?"
Is the pin magnetic? My first thought was it fits into the drain plug.
On second thought it looks hardened. Another thought is its the pin that fell out of the shift lever.
Good looking out Busa.

Wouldn't that be a heart breaker to tear it down and everything was fine.

OP; did you drive it home? Pretty hard for one of those to sneak out of the cage and not end up with some big problems in short order.

I was thinking since my toploader had two large ball bearings rather than rollers so I looked this up.

Looks to be some kind of a pin. Unless there is a countershaft that uses bearings like the Tcase does.....
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Yes, I drove it home.
What I did today was take off the lower skid plate/mount and then I decided to stop doing that and take off the top plate and remove the top of the tranny and look inside. It looks really good.
Do you see those pins on the lower right of that link at Novak? It looks like those pins and I think those are "guide pins". I surmise that one of those pins got lost during a rebuild at one time and sunk to the bottom of the pan.
Is the pin magnetic? My first thought was it fits into the drain plug.

The pin is non-magnetic and my drain plug looks to have a "cage" on the end of it, with no hole for a magnetic pin.
I think Dave nailed it. :cool:

when you remove the shifter , do it carefully , and check for two pins. there should be one on either side and it is very easy to drop one. :D
Earlier when I removed the top cover containing the shifter and shift forks, everything was together and seemed to work correctly. The schematic shows two pins for the shift forks and one pin in between the shafts - "Interlock plunger"...whatever that does. But if one of those pins fell out, you would think it would not function correctly. The kits shows 15 pins. Now I need to count where they all go in the drawing...

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