Motor swap/TBI question

Motor swap/TBI question


Chester, IL
1978 CJ7
Okay here is the deal. My 78 258 1bbl has low compression, due to me using skinny pedal too much one day on a muddy hill, which sucks because this thing ran smooth. Anyways I have a line on an 87 258 with 60,000 miles. I know that iy is 2 bbl carb with that junk computer carb,which my dads 89 has and I did the nutter bypass and works good but I still don't like it because it has issues on inclines. And I understand that I can't really stay with the 1 bbl on this motor swap, so I was looking for some detailed information on going to a TBI off of a GM, but can't seem to locate a good write up. Does anyone have this information. One more thing this motor does come with the HEI distributor.
Part two question, does anyone know if the 87 flywheel be the same as the 78 flywheel. Minne has a couple bad teeth, the 87 has the PA10/5 and the 78 has the T-150 trans. Any help would be great.
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This is the best one I have found so far I was going to use this as my guide before I decided the multiport was the best choice
See my info located here:

I even have a source for the throttle body adapter.
I did this swap using junkyard pieces, only new sensors and electric fuel pump was bought new.
With the stock 747 computer it ran way better than my carb ever did.
If you got a little more cash got to Affordable fuel injection and grab the wiring harness and chip for the ecu.
Pull the rest from a junkyard and replace or rebuild the parts as needed for less than $500 you can have TBI.
hit me up if you need support or info.

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