mounts on tub

mounts on tub


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I'm going to use the front part of my old tub on my new frame, from the front edge of the door opening forward. My problem is the mounts on the body are trashed or gone and i need some kind of reference on fabing new ones. Any help appretiated
When I redid my body (halfbehind) my mounts were trashed along with the floor where they should have been.

Once I put the new floor in, I picked up some 1"X2" square tubing/pipe. I would cut about a 2 inch piece. Drilled a hole in it for the body mount bolt. I welded this onto the floor where the mount needed to be. Just gotta get the right length bolt and I went up from the bottom so I had to reach into the new piece I welded on to hold the nut.

Added about a 1/2" of body lift in there too.
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I could be mistaken but when I think of stop signs, I think of uni-strut or some know it as kindorf. We use it in commercial and industrial construction. The 1/2" holes are 2" on center and it comes on 10' sticks. You can buy longer but anyways it also comes in deep or shallow thicknesses. You can weld two pieces together if that's your fancy. I don't believe that it's near as strong as the channel or square tubing at all? Just my 2 cents though. BTW you can "buy" uni-strut at any local hardware store. Heck, call some electrical companies or plumbing companies, you might get some scraps for free.

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I had some C channel as well; don't recall why I didn't use it. It actually looked just like the C channel that was tacked on to the body from the factory.
great ideas. isnt the channel from the sources you state galvanized metal? may be wrong but i didnt think you could weld galv metal
great ideas. isnt the channel from the sources you state galvanized metal? may be wrong but i didnt think you could weld galv metal

Galvanizing is just a coating on the outside, grind just a bit past the edge you intend to weld on and go to town. With that being said, don't spend a lot of time breathing the gal/weld fumes or you'll expunging liquids from both ends of your body. But it should weld up OK, don't forget to shoot some cold galvanizing on the weld when done.

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