Build Thread My '72 CJ5 ressurection...

Build Thread My '72 CJ5 ressurection...

Reckin Crue

Selah, WA
1972 Jeep CJ-5 unnknown engine configuration at this time, bare bones project.

2003 Jeep Rubicon Tomb Raider Edition
Hey there!

Well, after the wife bought a Rubicon (and refused to allow me to take it wheelin like it deserves) I decided I would get my own Jeep. Through a friend of a friend I tracked down a CJ5 . It doesnt run, has nop tranny, no transfer case, no gears in the rear end, the windshield is laying in the back with the glass broken out, the floor is all cut out in front of where the seats would be, the dash is on the floor with no guages, tires are bald, no steering components whatsoever, etc etc.

So, I have quite a project on my hands. It does have lots of body parts, I have drive train components I can use and I have a desire to see it on the trails.

My object is to make a trail-capable, dependable rig from used, junkyard and salvaged parts.

It is not that I am cheap (I'm not rich but not broke) but I see it as a challenge. ANYONE can go to the store with checkbook in hand and buy a Jeep. Not everyone can build their own, the way they want it.

I think I will find a lot of people that think the way I do here and on other Jeepin boards, at least that is what I am hoping because I plan to ask a lot of questions and look for a lot of advice.

I will start adding some pics in here, and thanks for looking.
sounds awesome man i like your style:chug:. i have a 74 Renegade with no front floor windshield front clip back panel engine or tranny. looking forward to see how yours turns out good luck
Welcome aboard looks like you get to start with a blank sheet of paper. :chug: Have you thought about what drivetrain you are going to run yet?
i like it to. being a chevy guy at heart i can't help but suggest a 350, 700r4 (for Overdrive ), and a Dana 300 . depending on tire size i'd go back with a Dana 30 front or a chevy Dana 44 front, and maybe a ford 9 inch rear or Dana 44 . or if you plan on going real big you can't go wrong with a 14 bolt or dana 60. way to many possibilities really. i'd look for a early 90's tbi 350 out of a truck or maybe an LT1 out of a caprice or something like that, should be fairly easy to find.
Thanks for replying guys.

I will probably trade or sell the Ford products as I am more familiar with Chevy stuff.

It currently has a 302 and unknown tranny/transfer case combo, which are out of the jeep.

I have a good running 327 I can put it, and a friend has chevy trans and transfer case I can put in it.

The jeep has a Dana 30 front and Dana 44 rear now, rear is empty, front has 456's. The front unit is open on the ends, this seemed to matter to my buddy that was talking to me about it.

I figure I will start looking at what I have, what I need and what I want to change.
I am not sure yet about lift and tires. I am going to see what fits under it now, then figure it out.

I haven't started on the engine yet. I don't know if am going to stay with the Ford or use the Chev 327 I have that I know is solid.

I am going to look at transfer cases and transmissions as well and decide what's best.

Considering the current condition of the engine bay I can pretty much go either way....

So it has Chevy stuff in it now? I wonder why the hell it has a Ford engine in it??
not neccesarily the factory cj Dana 30 is passenger side drop, yj and tj uses a drivers side drop. man you can use just about any combo of engine, tranny, transefer case, and axles with the right adapter. it just depends on how much money and effort you want to put into it
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Well, I will ID all of the drive train parts I have and then we will know what I have to work with.

I really appreciate your input.
Well, I picked up the tranny and transfer case today. It's a 3 speed, T-90 , and a Dana 20 straight through.

Looks like I will be using the 327. =)
If that is a T-90 , Don't install it behind a 327. It won't last! I speak from personal experience (4 of the suckers behind a 327 in a '47 flattie in one summer!)
It will be "The weakest link!"
Hmmm, ok I will start looking for something else. My buddy has some other stuff he said I could use I will see what he has.
I am thinking about just going auto. I don't need a stick and it will require less work in the long run it seems to me?
Ok, after further inspection it appears the tranny has a T-90 top plate but is actually a T-86 ... not that it makes much difference I guess.
Looks like a early style front clip. Shorter fenders and hood. The red fenders are pre 72 also.

Not sure what going on with the rear top shock mounts.

Should be a fun project.:)

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