Build Thread My '74 CJ-5 build "Project Molasses"

Build Thread My '74 CJ-5 build "Project Molasses"


RIP Mike, we'll all miss you
OKC area
'74 CJ-5,
360 AMC Engine.
35x12.50x15 TSL Super Swamper tires.

In a frame off rebuild for a long time...
LOL just kidding, but this will be a very slow build...It took 2.5 years to take it all apart! :eek:

So far the collected parts consist of:
Base vehicle is my '74 CJ5.
replacement engine will be a AMC 360 pulled from a '79 Waggy.
Transmission and transfer case pulled from a '78 CJ5 (T-18/Dana 20!)
Tilt steering from the '78 CJ5
4" SkyJacker SoftRide springs from the '74

ECT...will fill in more later....

And now for the part everyone has been waiting for...THE PICS!

One bare frame to start with:

Here is the planned new drivetrain.
Good start! Another intermediate 5 - woohoo. Looking forward to the build.
Decided to go ahead and install the waggy axles I have sitting here, using them in their full width size. So I need to outboard the springs. Much easier to do right now instead of messing with it later. May even extend the wheelbase a little bit in front to match the (planned) rear stretch.
I'll have to wait till the wallet gets a little fatter to put gears in the 44, but I think I have a good set of Model 20 4:10 gears to use in the model 21 rear axle (its out of a FSJ, same as a model 20 but has thick axle tubes and one piece axles from the factory. It also matches the width of the Passenger Drop waggy 44 front I have!))
Nice project you have there! Where did you get that rear bumper? I really like it. Want to sell it? haha
Thats actually the front bumper! lol I built it a few years ago when I first got the Jeep.

These are pretty easy to make, just take a stick of 2x3x3/16" steel and start cutting on it. I used a couple angles made from 3/16 flat plate for the mounts, and some 1x2 steel for the shackle mounts. Those go thru the bumper and bolt into the frame.
The tow hitch mount is optional, I use it to mount tools and such when I am working on stuff.

here is the rear crossmember and bumper I am working on currently. I figured out that a front bumper from the same year CJ makes a pretty good rear crossmember. Mine was pretty trashed, so it got replaced.

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