Build Thread My 77 cj5 dune toy

Build Thread My 77 cj5 dune toy


Grandville Michigan
'77 CJ5, 304, 3 speed.
This is my 77 CJ5 before and after the rough country lift. My jeep is a southern jeep. NO rust. All steel. Everything fell apart. The only bad thing is Rough Country told me everything was a bolt on but the rear drive shaft is too short. They told me it would be ok. go figure. I also have a roll cage coming from extreme custom parts. I will get some shot of that when I get it installed. I am going to use bed liner on the inside. Probably duplicolor roll on type. Also need to recover the seats as well.


Do you drag race lawn tractors?? thats pretty cool.
I pull garden tractors. That's my other hobby.

tractor pulling whoohoo! :chug:
you should put a bevel in the tread of those tires to get more bite unless its illegal in your class.

jeep looks great. looking forward to pics of liner and cage
nice jeep!! was it a 4" lift?? and what drive shaft did u have to go with? i just bought a 4" skyjacker and will be putting it n in a few weeks. what size tires do u have on it, i have 33 12.5 and im wondering if i need to go with a 35 12.5, urs look like 31 12.5, just wondering thanx

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