My cj just sputtered n died...please help!

My cj just sputtered n died...please help!


Prescott, WI
Yesterday i took my 80' CJ7 and after 20min it started to sputter and it died. I looked and there was no fuel in the filter. So i walked to get some gas, filled a lil, and cranked it over and it started. I drove another 25min or so and it started to sputter again and it died. I disconnected the fuel line from the filter to see if fuel was making it through and it was! I got it started and headed home. BUt, it died again after 20min. Now when i disconnected the fuel line infront of the filter, no fuel was comin through. So i towed her home.

Now today, i go to start it and it fired up and let it idle for 10 min.
I followed the fuel line back to the tank and there was no evidence of a leak.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Should replace fuel pump?
What motor does it have? Mods? Fuel injection or carb?
A bad fuel pump can behave that way, kind of iffy sometimes. A pressure check for about 4 p.s.i. can be a good way to verify. Check the condition of the rubber fuel lines from the carb to the fuel pump and all the way to the fuel tank sending unit, along the way, check the hard lines for kinks. Rotted out fuel lines do not work so good.
Sounds like its vapor locking. A weak fuel pump can cause it. Also a pluged gas tank vent. When it does it take the gas cap off and see if it sucks air in.
Sounds like the same problem I'm having. For me it is the fuel pump but I also had a plugged filter and one of my rubber lines was showing signs of dry rot.

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