Mystery Bracket ???

Mystery Bracket ???


Upstate SC
1974 CJ5, 304v8... purchased 8/8/11
This bracket is on the front right and left frame of my '74 CJ5. was not being guess is sway bar or tow-behind bar mounts...?
any ideas..? wanted to clean up frame but didnt want to remove if I would need it later on.
Kinda hard to tell but my guess would be sway bar mounts
I am not sure your right but I am pretty sure I am wrong, need more caffeine.:cool:
Def. Sway bar mounts.
Thanks for the opinions...Yep, I think sway bar too. Now I just have to decide if they are worth keep....were these original to the '74 Renegade's? It appears that the two bolts on the bottom of frame are there but never to had the single bolt on the inside drilled\bolted?
keep or take off?
If you have a sway bar handy, I'd use it. I will be putting one on my CJ5 as soon as I get to work on it again, but my suspension is very flexy, and I really need one! lol

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