Name this Transmission!

Name this Transmission!


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I'm trying to figure out what trans I have so I know whether or not my 360 and bellhousing are correct to bolt up. The body was not originally on this frame so I don't know its year, but its is an early "C" channel frame. I'll post up all my pics of the trans and tcase. Not sure if it matters, but the shifter doesn't have threads for a knob, its just a rounded point sort of. And its a 3 speed. The 360 I have was bolted up to a T-15 3 speed, so thats the bellhousing I have.






not sure if it matters but there is the exhaust. not sure what motor was in this.
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What you have there is a T90 3SPD with the Dana Model 18 Tcase. If you're gonna go with a AMC V8 from the looks of it you're gonna need a bellhousing.
Lame… I wonder if it would be easier to buy a tranny, or at least easier to find as I know of one with a Dana 20 on it, just wants $150.

So to specifically ask, the T-15 and t90 use different bellhousings?
Depends on what engine they were mated to, like yours was most likely mated to the dauntless v6 which was a GM motor, all AMC belhousings are virtually the same only differance would be the bellhousing to trans mounting holes, I know the SR4 and T18/19 are not a direct bolt up on trans side. the engine side is all the same 258, 304, 343, 360, 401.
Well just looking at the exhaust it sort of looks like there was a 4 cylinder in this frame. But what I'm wondering is if I yank the bellhousing off my t90 thats in the jeep right now will my bellhousing that I have attached to my 360 (the T-15 housing) bolt up? So the t90 and T-15 would have to have the same bellhousing mounting holes.
heres my motor and bellhousing. I need to know if the t90 is going to bolt up to that or to that housing.


I believe it will. On the one I have in the Scrambler came from a 258/SR4 setup, the 2 bottom hole were right and just drilled and tapped the top ones and haven't had any issues. Also i think it was in '76 they changed the depth of the bellhousing pre '76 was ~9 in and the post '77 was only ~7 in", I have one that was bolted to the '73 304 that I just put in the Scrambler, which would be what you need if that's the original trans in it and you use that one. The input shaft will be different lenghts due to the change in bellhousing design.
From the looks of it you have the better version for swapibilty since it has the mutiple mounting holes, so I think you should be good to go to bolt any Borg Warner Trans to that one.
Also that is definately the Dana Model 18 tcase, it was the only tcase they ever used that was offset front and rear for the outputs
Awesome thanks. I knew it was an 18 tcase, but I had no idea on the tranns and bellhousing deal. I'm just goin to stop looking for a new bellhousing or trans then and try to see if it'll fit when I bring the cj to my garage. Anyone have any issues on the early CJ5's when switching to a Dana 20 tcase with the non offset rear output?
I hope I'm not too late chiming in here, but you have a T-90 transmission that was behind a four cylinder engine. If you want to bolt it to that 360 (which you don't really) you'll need to find the six cylinder input shaft or a six cylinder version of that tranny. The six cylinder version has a longer input shaft that will allow you to use an adapter plate between the tranny and bell housing. IMO, you will grenade that little T-90 the first time you catch second gear on a heavy peddle. Your best bet is to find a Ford T-18 or T-19 and adapt that to your Dana 18 transfer case. The adapter's going to be pricey, but the heavier truck four speed will ahndle that 360. The Ford Tranny will bolt up to the bell housing on the 360, so all you'll need on the engine end is a 1 1/16" clutch disk and a custom crank bushing from Novak, which you'd need anyway with the t-90.

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