Need Body / Tub Advice

Need Body / Tub Advice


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#1 - 1977 CJ-7 Renegade (Daisy Jane), Levis trim, 304, TH400, BW1339 (MM), D30/Auburn Max, AMC20/Trac-Lok/G2's, 4.88's, 33" BFG MT KM2's, Edelbrock Performer intake, Holley Sniper 4bbl EFI, MSD6, MSD ProBillet distributor, OME shocks, 4" ProComp lift.

#2 - 1984 CJ-7 Laredo (The Texas Hooker Project - Incomplete/Undecided)
So I finally got my 77 CJ7 yesterday, bought sight-unseen...(only pics). The body has a few more spots than I could tell from pictures, but I'm not disappointed - I still got a good deal. It has factory air, tilt, 304, auto, quadra-trac, low-range and less than 48k original miles.

My question to you all is this...should I fix or replace the tub? I'm on the fence about it. I do have the tailgate in good condition and know where to buy the crossmember it attaches to...

Review the pics and let me know...





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I would say it depends on how skilled you are in metal and body work. It looks like it can be saved. my 2 cents :)
Depends how in depth you want to go. If you want a nice ever day driver do a tub. And plan or replacing more than planned on. But if you just want to wheel it, grab body panels and start burning wire!
I'm kind of in the same place, maybe not quite as much, but I've still got a lot of body rot.

I've pretty much decided on patching up the worst of the body right now to pick up my welding skills, doing some bondo fills where appropriate, but nothing more so I can mainly focus on the mechanical and drivability issues. Once I get all the little things right, then I'm going new tub and paint. Until then, it's about a million little bank account draining fixes.

If your CJ is anything like mine, you're going to have a ton of electrical, suspension, and PO repair work to do before it's running right.
Sometime it's best to bite the bullet and go for it.

All depends on how long you think you want to keep the CJ.

There are used tubs out there but the supply is slowly drying up.

It's a hard commitment to make.

How good a welder are you? It does take a lot of time and repair panels aren't cheap.

Fiberglass is a popular option.

I've no plans to ever sell mine after 35 years so I went aluminum. Lots of memories and many more lie ahead. . .
That's a lot of work to do. Remember its not jus flat panel work you have to replace. There is also a lot of sheet metal that bent and rolled or boxed to give strength that you won't be able to get a good weld on. For the amount of money that your gonna drop on replacement panels, welding wire and bondo you could probably pick up a good shape yj tub. Your gonna spend a lot of time cutting welding and finishing the work that would be better spent fixing other things. I picked up a back half of a CJ tub for free from a local member that would make your problem a easy fix. I would search around for some one close to you with a tub that's rotted out in the front but good in the back and just half em together.

Keep in mind you need to cut back at least 1/2-3/4 from the edge, there's a good chance that after you cut back to what looks like good steel you'll try to put a spot weld on it that will low right through.

Good luck with it.
Well you've all given good advice...and it's appreciated.

I'm not sold on a YJ tub because I don't like the tailgate / tire situation and I don't like the squared off rear wheel wells (unless you all have solutions for those issues). That leaves me with the difficult task of finding a good CJ tub.

I think I'll let the rest of the project dictate which way I go unless I stumble on a good tub for a good price. A good body means very little if it doesn't brake, run, shift, steer, etc. correctly.

I know the "poor man pays twice" but I may well end up patching this up and enjoying it until the magic tub appears, then just tear it all down and start over one winter.
Heres a couple threads you may want to check out:

Also dont give up on the Yj tub swap. You can put a Cj tailgate in there alot easier than finding a good Cj tub. And the rear wheel well openings are round , only the flares are squared off. :) - Third Project Build-up - Conclusions

CJ YJ Tub Body Swap Link Listing - Page 3 -


With exception to the tail gate, a body mount and the vent on the cowling CJ and yj tubs are identicle. The holes that the yj use for the Gail gate are the same one a CJ use for the tire carier. It's a realy easy conversion.
Oh I forgot that the gas filler is on the other side.. It's either an easy patch, throw some CJ corner guards on it of I think tj license plate holders will cover the entire hole or just leave it open under the CJ license plate.
Well that does sound more reasonable on the YJ tub.

What are the differences with the cowl vent?

Is this an 8-12hr job or more than that (just the actual swap)? Should I have the donor tub painted and virtualy "done" before putting it on?
There are no holes cut in the cowl for the defrost. Im simply going to put the Cj windshield gasket over the cowl and trace the holes I need to cut.

I also plan to have my tub done beforehand. It should be easier to work on the spots that need attention while its off. Not sure how long timeframe it'll be to do yet. :)
Well that does sound more reasonable on the YJ tub.

What are the differences with the cowl vent?

Is this an 8-12hr job or more than that (just the actual swap)? Should I have the donor tub painted and virtualy "done" before putting it on?
X2 on the YJ tub. Mine has a lot of rust and you can find a good YJ tub pretty easly and it would be a hole lot easier to cut a vent for the defrost and weld shut a gas fill hole and make a new one than all the patch paneles that would need to be welded in and the Yj tubs dont rust like the CJ ones so when you are done you will not be always dealing with rust popping up here and there. And like said before the tailgate is an easy fix. So this is the route I will be taking :chug:
Well I'm probably sold on a YJ tub then. I appreciate ALL the input. I spent some time with it today trying to get it running and the more I gaze at it the more confident I am a tub swap is the best path.

I did get it running..........on starting fluid only. It's not getting gas but when it's running it has excellent oil pressure and is very quiet.

I'll start a build thread.

Thank you.
I did a YJ tub swap on my 83 and it turned out great. It is not as difficult as you might think. I am definitely new to mechanical work and it was not to hard for me to do it on my own. Take a ton of pictures as you disassemble it and bag and mark everything for easier replacement later. It took me about a week to do it. The CJ tailgate mod is not difficult either. The good thing about taking the tub off is that you can accomplish any other work, like frame or transmision, very easily without the body on. Have fun. I used the site below and it went pretty smooth.

Would a '94 yj tub be okay?
All the YJ are the same.

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