Need gas tank advice

Need gas tank advice


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I'm in the process of rebuilding my 75 CJ5 (see my rebuild thread - ).

I've pulled apart the gas tank and know I need to replace the sending unit. The interior of the tank doesn't look too bad, no real rust, just 36 years of gunk. I called a local radiator shop about cleaning and coating the interior, but they want at least $200 to do that. I've found new tanks on line for between $100 & $120. I read a couple of articles about DIY cleaning and coating, but the chemicals to clean and seal the tank are at least $50, plus the time to do it.

So I've got a couple of questions:

1. Is there an easy, inexpensive and effective way to clean the interior of the tank and make it serviceable again?
2. If I go with a new tank are there any brands that are better than others or that I should stay away from?

I found an Omix-Ada tank for $120 with free shipping. I also found a tank made by Replacement Brand that is galvanized on the exterior for $95 plus $20 shipping.

Thanks, Bill
Hmmm I did the eastwood treatment on my old Galaxy because I couldnt find a new tank, you can use some hydroclholic acid to completly remove the rust and Eastwood metal prep to protect it and you would be fine for years to come or if you have less time than money get the $95 tank and be done with it :chug:
Muratic acid is what you need and throw a piece of chain in there and roll it around. You should seal the tank after wards with something like POR's gas tank sealer.
I wouldnt mess with it for what a new tank costs off ebay.
What about a poly tank?
I know id like the bigger tank but hear it can be a pain in the *** to get installed,
are the smaller ones this way also or only the oversized tank
gert, Oldc7 - thanks for the input :chug: I'm coming to the conclusion that the new tank is the way to go.

j0114 - The poly tanks I looked at are at least twice the price of a steel tank. The other thing I wasn't crazy about is the poly tanks mount directly to the skid plate and not the frame like the steel tanks.

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