Need help on brake issue

Need help on brake issue


1975 CJ5
Hey guys, I bought this CJ5 and went to work on the rear end and noticed it doesnt have a rear break drum on either side. I then looked at the prop valve and noticed it was plugged off to the rear. What should I do? I under stand that I may need some breaks on the rear once and a while, but this thing also has a v8 400m engine. I'm thinking I'm going to do some fishtailing if I don't have rear brakes and need them. This is going to be used both on the street and the road. Will it be fine without them? Is it normal to do this kind of modification?
I would suggest reinstalling the rear brake system. All parts required should be available at a local auto parts, including a repair manual. Stopping a Jeep with oversize tires and a V8 is hard enough as it is. This is actually the first time I have heard of that being done.
:agree: PO gotta love them.
I actually had an old Dana 44 sitting in the yard,but have to have the center hub machined bigger to fit my axles. Thanks for the help.

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