Need to get doors rekeyed

Need to get doors rekeyed


86 CJ7 Laredo Black
The Jeep was totally gone thru, 124k original miles on body,
New Crate engine and Trans, Weber Carb, Interior replaced back to stock, Dana 44 Rear, Dana 35 Front, 2.5 " Suspension Lift 1" body 33-12.50 Tires on Mickey Thompson Wheels, New Dupont Paint
Each one of my full hard doors has a diff key,
I want them rekeyed to have the same key for each door,
I can like with an ignition key and a door key but I am a bit of a perfectionist and dont want it to stay this way,
I am sure others have bought doors without keys etc and had to have this done,
locksmith to fix it?
Anyone know what it would run for the job?
I was thinking 2-250

May be a dumb question but does the YJ half doors even have locks?
Ive saw pics and some seem to and others dont,
Im speaking of the YJ half hard doors?
I don't think it will be that much at all.

We took a (jeep style) handle with cylinder lock down to a locksmith with no key and asked hit to make a key for it after re-"keying" the lock. Was only like $25.00

I think if you just head down to one of the local locksmiths around you (or call if far away) and check it out, you may be surprised on the pricing to do whichever way you want.

Or I may be completely wrong and it is that much, but I doubt that... :cool:


~ JR
so you removed the handle and lock, and took it that way,
I was hoping to drop the CJ off eat lunch or something and come back,
would you recommend removing it first
I think you can do it either way... for us, it was a fireproof cabinet handle, and we didn't want to take the whole cabinet down.

But the latch was relatively similar to the latch style for a Jeep... I think you could do it either way...

Back a few years, my Great-Uncle was still around and was an all around maintenance man including locksmith-ing... Those were the easy days, he could re-key any lock! :cool:

But back to the point, sure you should be able to bring it down to them in or out of the jeep...

If one says they wont do it, I'd go to another... Shouldn't be a problem...
You could always replace the existing locks with new ones yourself.

Hardtop Door Lock and Key Set by Omix-Ada and Other Jeep Parts and Jeep Accessories by 4 Wheel Drive Hardware

I have an 84 CJ7, but I imagine the steps will be the same:

1) Remove the door panel cover and lock mechanism cover on each door.

2) Remove the lock connecting rod from the locking mechanism. (The last 2 pics show the door without the entire door locking mechanism.)

3) On the inside of the door, pull the U-shaped key lock clip that holds it in place. Slide the lock out from the front. (You can see the lock itself and the clip holding it in place in the last pic)

4) Slide new lock in from the front and push the new clip in place.

5) Reinstall the lock connecting rod, lock mechanism cover and door panels.

Probably will take you no more than an hour, if that.

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