Need your suggestions on D44 and 12 bolt

Need your suggestions on D44 and 12 bolt


Denver, CO
Current - 1978 J20 401 auto, 1981 CJ7 304 5 speed and 2007 JK Uunlimited Rubicon all running 35" or 37" tires
Previous -1979 CJ7, 1984 CJ7, 1984 CJ7, 1997 TJ, 1990 YJ
I have a stock 1984 CJ7 that I am beginning to build and I have the option to buy a Dana 44 from 76 chevy non flat top knuckle and 14 bolt FF from 78 chevy. They are both complete and I believe are both 4.10's and 8 lug for only $200.

I am planning to do the 4.0 head and fuel injection swap on my 258 in the next few weeks (getting the whole thing for free). I am running 33/12.5/15 Dirt Grip tires and have no lift at this point (did the TJ rubicon flares front and back). I need to switch my rims anyway so that is not a big issue.

I have a a904 Auto transmission and a T5 that I can use.

I also have a 300 transfer case.

So knowing all this how would you mix and match this or add other things to make a overall good driver and trail rig.

What should I be concerned about?

Anyone's opinion is appreciated.
I don't know that much about mixing and matching, but things I've heard/read:

The 14 bolt is way big for 33" tires. it either needs shaved or you need to run 38" tires to get any ground clearance.

The T-5 is a weak transmission. Don't bother with it, change it out for a T-18,NP435 or the like. I know nothing about auto transmissions, sorry.

The 300 case is a good one.

Thats about all I can help you with. :)
Agreed that the full float 14 bolt is huge for 33" tires. If it's actually a semi-float 14 bolt it's not as bad but still about the same size as a D60.

The Chevy front axle will require you to either outboard the leaf springs (kits are available) or go with a 4 link and coils or air shocks. Alternatively you can chop a bunch out of the driver side of the axle tube and narrow it enough to get the differential to stick in between the frame rails.

If I was going to put those axles in, I'd outboard the leaf springs in the front, do a spring over axle and run 37's. The 4.10 gears may be adequate if you run the slushbox but I'd put serious consideration into 4.56 gears while I was putting in lockers. With the T5 I might even consider 4.88s or even 5.13s.
What do you plan to do with the CJ? Just my opinion but we use those axles for mud racers and full off road brush hogs. It's a lot of axle for a jeep. With all the axle upgrades and tube trusses out there you can get a stock Jeep axle to handle about anything you throw at it aside from a full on bigblock engine swap. If it's tire clearence your looking for then derf has the right idea. We had a CJ5 with those axles running a 454 CID and 44 swampers. Just my opinion though.

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