Build Thread New and without a clue

Build Thread New and without a clue


Ford Bronco, CJ6
Let's start out by saying Alice knew almost as much after falling down the rabbit hole as I know at this point. Now that we've established that I had a guy that was upside down in a lot of ways and I bought his '74 CJ6 off him. Didn't cost a lot...but there wasn't a whole lot to buy. The thing drives...or rather did, so it's not just a bucket of rust sitting there. It had a tag and I drove it home but it's got issues. Filling it up it's clear there's a leak in the upper part of the fuel tank/throat somewhere. The driver's side floor pan is, well, there isn't's a piece of plywood with some carpeting thrown over it. About the only technicals I can relate is it's a 360 engine with (I was told) a T-15 transmission. (which would make sense with the V8)

My delimma is that I'm no body fabricator/heavy mechanic guy. I can turn a wrench and not put my eye out but looking at this thing and going "Yep, I'll have her fixed up in no time." isn't what leaps to mind. So, is this just something that I'm better off selling as is to somebody that really wants it or do I just bite the bullet and see if I can get it brought up to spec without getting way upside down. I really like the idea of having a nice 6, there aren't that many to be had of those at any price really (Funny story, I actually had a guy try to tell me I was BS'ing him and that there was no such thing as a 6) and I've got some money to put into it but I'm not terribly interested in putting 4-5K (or whatever) into something that when I'm done might barely be worth what I've got into it. Not a money pit kinda guy.

So I've got this thing and love the picture in my head of what it could be but know for a fact I'm in for some spending to get it there. How much spending are we honestly talking here?

Appreciate any input for the new guy bumping into trees in the dark.
Pics will go a long way in helping know what you have and or dont have. A explanation of what you want out of this build will help as well. More info needed. :)
Pics will go a long way in helping know what you have and or dont have. A explanation of what you want out of this build will help as well. More info needed. :)

I'll try getting some pics uploaded. It's still dark this time of year by the time I get off work so that might be least in getting "good" ones. Thanks and I'll try getting back soon.
It is very common to have an older Jeep where you've got more into it than what it can be sold for.

I think you will want to conduct a prioritized assessment of needs (safety & reliability) and wants -- and then spend some time with various catalogs/websites to get a total on parts. Then decide what you can reasonably do (or figure out) yourself and what might need to be done by a pro. How long is it going to take to do all this work? Can you use the CJ while it is being worked on or will it be "down" for extended periods of time? Do you have a place you can do repairs? Do you enjoy this kind of thing?
well you have to ask yourself how bad do you want it. with everyone here, and the willingness to learn, you can turn it into whatever you want. if you don't want the head ache (and yes it will having you pulling your hair out at times), and not willing to learn then sell it to somebody who really, wants it.

i say keep it, you'll enjoy the experience. :chug:
like anyother vehical that you "fix up" it will never be worth what you have in it.:(

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