New Carb Ideas??

New Carb Ideas??

Red Dawg

central Alabama
83 CJ7 4 cyl / 5 spd. / 31x10.5x15 Mud Dawgs / YJ rollbar / 12500lb winch / stock axles 4 now
OK guys I have decided to buy a new carb to replace the original Rochester on my 151 GM 4 cyl.
I have looked at the EMPI and the Weber.
Give some ideas and don't be shy!
I'm looking for better milage, and response, but most of all I need reliable winter cold start with an electric choke...

give me your advice!:confused:
IMHO I would go fuel Injection and be done with it.
yeah Old Dog I would like to but I'm trying to keep the cost down.
I think I will try to find a salvage yard later and prob put in a 6cyl and try to go with the EFI on that.
thtas a ways off right now.

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