New CJ5 hard half doors

New CJ5 hard half doors


Bossier City, LA
1970 cj5, 225 Dauntless v6, D18, T-14, Dana 44 & 27, 3.73 gears-Ramsey 200R 3000# PTO winch
Finally just got in a set of half doors for my jeep; bought 'em from A.E. Miller Manuf. They are the ones that make the gloveboxes, etc. Guess I should feel lucky since I bought the last set they have on hand. They are supposed to fit all the hardware from a Bestop. I'm planning on painting them the same color as the body
Wow, those would look sick on my Jeep, too bad I've only got coin for used half doors, and all the ones I can find are soft. Screw it, I don't need no stinkin' doors.:D
What are they made of ? They look good.
OK it is official, I hate you

not really

killer find, are they going make anymore?
are those the same thermoplastic they use for the glove box??
They look very classy.:cool:
Those are INTERESTING - more so than the plywood half-doors I've got for one of my '5's. :)

They look like polyethylene, in which case if you're going to get paint to stick to 'em, you have to use adhesion promoter.

EDIT: Mmmm... that upper door hinge might be a little challenging, think?
Yea, they are the same plastic as their gloveboxes, but a way thicker "guage". There is an outer and inner portion and it looks like they melted them together. Plus, they have a map pocket like modern car doors.They have a sping loaded latch and hinges that are a drop-in with the Supertop

They problem is, it sounds like they never marketed them very well.
I had other guys on the forum asking me about them too. Call A.E. Miller and badger them about it. As far as I know, they are the only ones making a hard CJ5 door. They are supposed to fit every CJ5 from 55 to the 80's.

A.E. Miller Manufacturing -- Product List--After Market Jeep Parts
Hinges??? They aren't molded into the door. They just are just sandwiched with bolts and a backer plate on the other side.

This is from the instructions that came from the door.

"Any acrylic lacquer, acrylic enamel, or urethane based automotive finish may be used"
How many dollars?:confused:
This is an old post, but has anyone else bought these doors and painted them to match? A.E. Miller still sells them. Any photos of finished product??

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