New hardtop manufacturers

New hardtop manufacturers

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81 CJ7

258ci, mc2100 ,SR4 trans, dana 300 Tcase, dana 30 front, amc 20 2 piece rear
Title says it all except..who do you think has the best? dont care about cost, just want quality.

also, is anyone making new steel doors for my 7, or do i have to find used?
I only know of 2 manufacturers of NEW CJ7 tops, Rally Tops and GR8TOPS. And I have zero experience with either one of them. As for steel hard doors, Collins Bros Jeep is the only place that I know of, but thier shizz is expensive.

For an '81 though, you should be able to go to any junk yard, pick'n pull, whatever and pick up CJ7 or YJ doors ('81-'95), they'll all fit.
thanks for the info. that rally top looks real nice. i like the carpeted interior too, nice touch. and i wont ever get tired of not have to hold up the vinyl rear window when its cold out.

the doors i will probably end up buying used since im going to have the whole thing painted eventually i can just throw them in there too.
Craig’s List and $500 ought to take care of the hardtop and doors in my world. Why pay more?
l"Craig’s List and $500 ought to take care of the hardtop and doors in my world. Why pay more?"

craigslist in my area returns nothing but junk. when i finally do find a hardtop used its usually beat to hell with no redeeming qualities. besides that...if i have to pay 500 for it, replace random parts, and have the thing painted....well gee wiz i might as well by new!

dont even get me started on how ridiculous the price people can ask for doors are.......

its ok i just learned the other day, "jeep", Just Empty Every Pocket.

edit: that link i believe is one of the same companies already mentioned....they use the same pics at least...

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