new...Hi!, 1983 CJ7!

new...Hi!, 1983 CJ7!


1983 CJ7 258 I6 4-spd
Hello all, I figured there would be a CJ forum...They have forums for everything these days. I did a little research on this forum, great info by the way, but was hoping I could get some more guidance or direction!

I just bought a 1983 CJ7 with the AMC 258 i6 / 4.2l I6. Everything is pretty stock except for a small lift and steering column. I got it for 1900 which I think is apretty good deal. The jeep runs and drives pretty well but definately needs work...

The motor runs rough at idle and wants to die. Also when decelerating or not on the gas it will die or get close to it. It also misfires a little. I was reading this could be carb related or maybe fuek tank rust. It has the stock carb which I read should be replaced with a weber or the carb from the ebay guy. Can I go straight from stock to the ebay guy; I was getting confused reading....?

The other big thing right now is emissions. I just went today in Phx, and failed for nox. The HC was close, but passing. There is no cat on the jeep and it looks like the previous owner(s) cut and blocked all the lines to the canister. A couple questions on this...are there schematics for how all the lines in the engine bay are supposed to run? The other question is once I put on a cat, fix the carb, and replace emissions stuff, any reason why I shouldn't pass?

Last thing for now... In either fender well in the front there are brackets that have metal straps. One has a wing nut on the passenger side. What are these for?
fist of all.. welcome.. and if your new to cj's patience is a virtue.. where i live here in central ky. i dont have to worry about emissions.. but there are diagrams of the vacuum line system for you vehicle floating around here and the rest of the net. so just take some time to search. or maybe someone can post a link for you.. the straps on your fenderwell are for the factory jack and tire iron. as for the carter carb. its not a bad carb for just light wheelin and putting around. as long as its set up correctly.. it isnt a very forgiving fuel delivery system.. but good luck with it all, there are plenty of people here that can help with specifics. :chug:
Thank you guys for the welcome! I was thinking about perhaps just getting a rebuild kit for the carb to see if it passes emissions and runs well. Then maybe later change it. I don't plan on getting too crazy with the jeep wheeling.

Bump for more responses!
By the way, it appears I have been nuttered! I didn't pass the visual portion for the canister. I figure if I rebuild the carb make sure the lines are clear and put that CAT on, that it should clean stuff up and help me pass...

Did I get nutter'd?!

And on the 2nd that the O2 sensor coming from the manifold? Where does the wire go or what wire hooks into it?
since mine is a 79. and the other two ive owned have been pre 83. ive never done the nutter.. but it has to do with the stepper motor (i believe) on the back of the carb. yes that is the o2 sensor.. again my jeeps have been bofore those eras. so couldnt tell you for sure wher that goea.. im amazed at the all the extra vacuum ports on your model compared to the ones ive dealt with.. they really went overboard with emissions in the 80's also is you jeep an auto or have air.. i see the solonoid on the side of the carb.. dont know if that was a standard thing for the day. or someone has replaced your carb.. :rolleyes:
Tomorrow I will go out and look at mine its a 84 but all the wires and everything else came from my 83 so I should be able to shed some light on this for you.
the solonoid on the front right side of the carb is used in conjunction with either automatic trans or air conditioning.. its activated to help with idle.. it may have come standard on the carb from the factory. but something i would look into is wether or not its been replaced.. if so things could be out of adjustment.. get yourself a haynes manual. they have step by step instructions on setting up your carter carb.. also once you run through the vacuum diagram be sure to plug off any open ports you see ok.. no port left uncapped... :D

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