New Tailgate!!

New Tailgate!!


Old Time Jeeper
Thor, Iowa
'79 Jeep CJ7 Renegade with 304ci V8, TH400 auto, Quadratrac T-case, Stock 20 and 30 rears with no mods yet, not sure of the gear ratio.. 4" Softride Superlift, w/widetrac shock towers and 35x12.50x15 BFG Mud-Terrains

'76 CJ5, 232 ci, T-150 3-speed, D20 T-case, Corp. 20 rear w/full float axles and lockout hubs and Detroit auto locker, D30 front w/lockout hubs, gear ratio is unknown..
I'm taking orders! Come one, come all! Hurry, while the scrap wood lasts!!

View attachment 8754

If you act now, I'll throw in these custom, hand made hatch release handles, ABSOLUTELY FREE!!

View attachment 8755

I would like to open that and see a stove with coffee pot, and better yet a stocked bar!
Is it hardwood? Can you make on in Mahogony?
Top Shelf! or is it the shelf?

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