new to me '76 CJ-5

new to me '76 CJ-5


Sacramento CA.
258 I 6
Jeep runs and drives straight and true. Runs perfectly until it warms up, then it feels like a mis-fire. Sluggish thru the middle to the top.

PO installed 3D plugs and rebuilt carb. the plugslook brownish/gold. I separated the plug wires and checked out the carb (Carter). Is there a reccomended replacement for this thing?

Let me know what think. Thanks ,

Looking good. Go to Webers website for carb info
i do need to stay smog legal. any help on tuning the old Carter would be appreciated.
:ww: From Sac!! Nice looking Jeep man! :beer:

As far as tuning the carter, I've heard they're a pain. I'm exempt for smog, so not positive, but can't you swap for a different carb that is also Cal smog legal?

If so MC2100 for sure (Motor craft 2100).

At any rate, I have a few links to buy those, and rebuilding and tuning them are really easy!..

Hope you get it all figured out man, some more folks will pop up, maybe some that are more used to the Carters...


~ JR

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