Newbie electrical question

Newbie electrical question


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Hi guys. Just got my first Jeep ('70 CJ5) and I'm loving it. But the speedo doesn't light up at night - neither does the right turn indicator. Does this sound simple (bulb)? Also, are the rectangular emblems supposed to light up (heater, fan, washer, etc.)?

Sorry for the basic questions but I'm clueless:confused:
sounds like bulbs if the rest are working, if not than grounds.
Yes there are small bulbs in sockets behind each turn indicator, high beam, etc. plus 3 cluster lights.
And yes the reqtangular indicators should light up, you have to replace them as needed.
If everything is out though I would first look to see if there is power to them when the light switch is on.
Thanks guys! I'll learn this stuff with help from people like you. thanks again.
I would recomend you getting a good service manual if you don't already, I got a reprint of the factory service manual for mine and seems like I'm refering to it daily for something.:chug:

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