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No 4 high


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1981 cj5 304 v8, 300 Dana,model 30 Dana and model 20 AMC rear end
Ok so the Dana 300 rebuild was going good. The poppets were installed as per instructions. The new bearing pressed on, Peace of cake now. Wrong Can not for the love of God get it to shift into 4 high. I never put the intermedite gear in because I ran out of lock tite to lock the shifters in. Tryed to go through the gears but it will not shift into 4 high. Any hints do you need the intermidite gears in to make it synk in better. I was rolling it to help it get in but you need 4 hands
Try sticking a yoke on and move it back and forth while trying to engage. Since you just put back together it may need to be played with a little or it may be moving too much since it's not bolted to tranny (assumption:D).
Tried that it helps smooth it out gears mesh better , but does not get the fourth gear range.Could I have the strong spring on the wrong side. I had the strong spring on the passenger side if the case was installed. I think the shift rails are on the right sides. the pics are of the gears as they get shifted. Hopeing someone can spot my problem. thanks
Answered my own question. Reversed the springs and it works flawlessly. Behold in all its glory. The old man and the sea but only it is a jeep. Be aware do not mess up poppet springs. Just have to toqrue and check end play.
Thought I would say thanks to anyone who helped me out with my questions. A picture of my reward. Checked the end play and had to reassemble for shimming. A ittle more work than I thought but done. I still have to seal the end plate shims. I can not find the sealent that Yellowcj85 said to use other then that it is done

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