No offense to "newer" Jeeps... but...

No offense to "newer" Jeeps... but...


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Altamonte Springs, Florida
1979 CJ-7, Newly rebuilt AMC 360!, fully rebuilt GM TH400, Quadra-trac TC w/Milemarker 2x4 conversion, AMC mod 20 rear w/1 piece Moser axleshafts, mod 30 front w/tie rod flip and castor correction shims, 4 in lift, Centech complete wiring harness, dual electric fans on 3 core aluminum radiator, tilt steering wheel, 20 gal poly gas tank, new J20 steering box, MSD 6A ignition combined with TeamRush distributor mods
I had to post this:

I have a 79 CJ7. My sons are 16 and 14 yrs old. We were at a gas station a few minutes ago, and talking about the "jeep wave" (I actually got three wave-backs earlier today!!) and different versions of Jeeps.

A new (whatever the designation is called, I dont know) Jeep 2 door pulled in near us. We really couldnt see it too closely because it was on the other side of the pumps and across the lot. Both my sons immediately said they really didnt like the new ones because "they look too feminine"!!! Funniest thing I've heard all day! Anyway, as we drove off, we could see the Jeep, and I should say that it was a very good looking Jeep... It wasnt all "blinged out" and had a small lift with aggressive tires. Both my kids said it looked pretty good.

Just had to share that....

Sounds like a fun day, I am 14 and I agree that the older cj's are more manly. The newer jeeps are nice because of all the saftey features, but I just love the feel of the older ones.
I must make it clear that I told them that the newer Jeeps are great off road vehicles, and engineered better than the "older" ones. But then both said, "but they're supposed to be rugged, with less comfortable things"...

I sadly agreed, as we slowed to an idle going over speedbumps so I wouldnt hurt my back!! AARG

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