Not correct, but i own it!

Not correct, but i own it!


Bought my first Jeep (CJ2a) in 1961 --bought my second a few days ago. It is a 83 CJ7.but it has a 3 speed tranny and a 258??? with a steel valve cover, short dip stick, V belts, and the stamping on the block near the dist is " 112 122". The third"'1" is raised above the other numbers and could be an "I"? Runs great and I'm a happy owner, but wondering what engine is in it. I don't think the 3 speed is correct, is it? thanks
I may have answered my own question. I got good light on the engine serial number and with some chalk rubbed in, discovered that the engine serial number is 112 A 22 --I originally thought the A was a crooked 1. So this corrected number translates to: 22 Dec of ?? I figure the first 1, which is for the year is 1977 or1978. The "A" indicates a 258 with a single barrel carb and 8.0 cr. The carb does a;ppeasr to be a single barrel -and it does NOT have the electric "Motor" on the side. And i guesss the 3 speed is not correct as well. Whatever, I like the Jeep.
My '81 CJ5 came with a 258, single barrel and a three speed. Not a bad combination and they were stock in those years. I changed out the 3 speed for a 4 speed T18 and couldn't be happier with the rig. There's a million and one things you can do to them as you know to make it more you but you have a good base to start with. I would say use it and make changes if you think it's necessary.

Yes decode thru the VIN (on the firewall) to find out how it left the factory.
I did the VIN check and my CJ came from Toledo with a 258 2b carb, 3750 gvw, and and a 5 speed tranny. More research on the engine presently in the Jeep indicates to me (with 99% certainty) that it is a 1977 258, 1b carb engine --an "A" engine. The tranny, as I noted before, is a 3 speed. So, things have been switched about --no real surprise. It is a very clean, essentially rust free example, with just a very few faults --the biggest at the moment being a leaking PS steering box. I'll fix that this winter. The CJ will have an easy life with me! Thanks all for your help.
Sounds like a winner!:chug:
Your gona make some changes to suit so a solid base is good.

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