not getting power

not getting power


87 cj7, 77 258, t150 stock axles
Lights were on went to start quick crank then stopped now not drawing any power from battery and battery is good. Even pulled battery from other vehicle to make sure.
Not sure I'm following you. Is it just the lights, or is absolutely nothing working?
I just realized you profile says your CJ is a 87. From all I've ever heard or read about the last CJ ever made was in 86. :wtf:
His CJ realized it doesnt exist and retired itself......

Id check your ground. Most common way to end up with no power like that.

Could be the connection at the block but the cable itself can fail under load.
If you don't have a meter, you can sometimes find a total failure visually.

You might have a cable that is corroded at the batt. terminal. Start by looking for places near where the cable meets the terminal end and look for any white crusty stuff or a bulge.

Def. check for a loose cable end at the block as well.

There should also be a smaller gauge wire from the neg. batt terminal to the body or between the block and body.

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