NV4500 - CJ7 Clutch Linkage Options

NV4500 - CJ7 Clutch Linkage Options


Sparks, NV
86 Cj7 4.6L Stroker, D44/D60 Airlocked, NV4500/D300.
I have a NV4500 in my CJ7. I still have the stock manual linkage in it and am thinking I will keep it. With the Centerforce II clutch it is already pretty light pedal movement so I am not planning to do a hydraulic clutch conversion.

Today the stock CJ7 linkage is being used but it does not work perfectly (decently though) with the arm off the NV4500. I am wondering if anyone has any other thoughts on the linkage to use that will work with the stock CJ7 Bellcrank?

I would like to have something that is simple and and reliable. Does anyone know what the stock ones were that were used by GM and Dodge? What have the rest of you done for your conversions? Some pictures would be great.

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