Odd Question

Odd Question

Al Lindner

Richmond VA
1980 CJ 7 258 CID T176
2004 F-150
I know one of you all will have a an answerto this. Is there ANY reason Why someone would lower the engine mounts and the Trans/ transfer case after installing a body lift (2") I'm pulling the motor and trans and can put it back so I'm just wondering if there is a reason why I should not
Maybe at one time it had a big lift and they were trying to get some drive shaft angle down. Just a guess:)
If you look at the 4" lift kits for the Wranglers they usually come with a 1" transfer case drop for driveshaft vibration reduction
Gert, It looks home made to me. To drop the tranny and transfer case just a couple pieces of 1" square tube drilled to match the holes in the frame and the motor mounts were lowered to different holes aprox. 1" as well
Ughh not good you already have a lot of holes in the motor mount area and they added more :eek: way to go PO :bang:
Gert frame is boxed unless the 80 is different than my 78 So my guess is it will be pretty strong even with the extra holes if not I got access to a welder and someone who can weld better than me.

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