Official "Old Iron" thread

Official "Old Iron" thread


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Vicki and I took a small trip today up a hiking trail system that follows the Lehigh river here in Pa. Its a great way to get out and enjoy the surroundings and leave the b.s. of the modern world behind.

We've hiked a good 20 mi. of this trail already but todays portion brought us to the little town of Bowmanstown. If you have an old school Jeep like a CJ2 a or something of the sort you may just have heard of this little town. Its the location of Walcks 4 wheel drive. I got a solid frame for my 49 CJ2 a from there years ago. I thought Id share some of the vintage iron hes got at his place. You just dont find a place like this in the Northeast.

Anyways I figured alot of you guys would enjoy these photos I took today. I just loved this place. If only these were pics of my backyard. :D


F&*%(&g b^&$#*d

you did that on purpose
all those pictures of CJ5s with hard tops
What is it ever going take for me to get a hard top
Pete, you are sick, just sick man, to tease me like that:chug:

oh, wow great pics, wish I had been there
I figured youd be the first one to sniff this thread out. :D If those bugged you your gonna hate this Craigslist find I had a few days ago. It was a 75 with a metal top and a 304 for $300. I just checked and of course its gone.
And I apoligize for the small pics. If anyone can tell me what settings my phone should be on to get larger ones I will. We're taking the boy up there tomorrow for a dip in the river and I wouldnt mind stopping by and drooling all over again.
ever browsed the trailer section on Early CJ5? talk about getting trailer envy. Those guys have all the cool old Jeep trailers
Early CJ5 makes me feel like my jeep is not old enough to be cool. Thye have some Great rigs on there.
Early CJ5 makes me feel like my jeep is not old enough to be cool. Thye have some Great rigs on there.
I find them very stuffy, know it all, and not wanting to discuss anything they already have. I think we grow larger because of their attitude. Just because they have discussed it does not mean the guy wanting to does not find it new and important. That is why I try to get an answer for every question weather I have talked about it or not here. I may not talk in a thread someone else has because it has been over discussed, but I will talk in one if no one has replied and leave it to the guys who jump on board.
we have a great and growing site here, our traffic and post in the tech section is huge and it can be a chore for a moderator to read each thread looking for trouble, but we are up to the task and want to keep this site the best CJ site on the web.
Yup. I visit that site but rarely speak.

My favorite trailer is a Canadian m101, it's based of American trailers but has the best features in one package.
How about an old Willys Wagon that has been restored inside and out?

Look at that chrome grill!
How about an old Willys Wagon that has been restored inside and out?

Look at that chrome grill!

Man you take the best pics. That is one shiny grill. I gotta put my shades on. :cool:

Im also gonna have to revisit Walcks and see about one of those trailers. Then I'll take some bigger pics. Maybe I can get up there next weekend.

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