Offset T-case & Rear Centered Axle

Offset T-case & Rear Centered Axle


Campbell, CA
'79 CJ-7 & '97 ZJ
I've searched but really haven't found a difinative answer, but was wondering if was possible to run a centered rear diff with the BW 1339 t-case and not have vibes so crazy that it's impossible to drive around town or go on short wheeling trips (say 50-60 miles away) without having to tow the jeep? From what I have found, mostly on pirate, was that people that did do something like this with say an offset Dana 18 t-case and a centered rear diff ran their rig only offroad with no on-road use. I'm really wanting to keep the BW 1339 because both it and the GM Turbo 400 have been recently rebuilt within the last 2 years and the BW1339 was upgraded with the Milemarker kit, thus giving the ability to use 2wd. The rig is set up with Dana 44 's right now but I was wanting to go up to 37's or even 39's without having to worry about breaking anything. I've found a D60 & shaved 14B combo for a hard to pass screaming deal I don't want to blow the any savings I would have gotten from the axles by having to swap out the tranny & t-case for different units. Anyone have experiance with this, any help would be great.

Fred R.

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