Oil Leak 258 I-6

Oil Leak 258 I-6


Mount Gilead, Ohio
'83 CJ-7 Rambler. 258 I-6, Gear Box Tremec T-176, Transfer Case Dana 300, Axels Dana 30 front 44 rear.
This for my '83 CJ7.

I rebuilt the engine 2 years ago, took it out of storage.

Couple drops oil, nothing major.........Now 2 weeks later I have a puddle, like a cups worth.

I got small amout of oil on top of the valve cover, replaced the PCV, valve and the breather filter against the fire wall, most oil up top gone. Will replace both o-rings next.

Now it looks like main rear oil seal..... thoughts before I pull the gear box for a look ??????
Hey Casuall454 fill out your profile so we know what components you have on your jeep.
What is this a 258?
No need to remove the tranny. If the rear main seal is leaking you can get to it from the oil pan. It's a 2 piece seal. You will have to remove the rear main bearing. Loosen up the other bearing caps to relieve pressure. Push the seal out. Once it starts to come out you can grab it with pliers and pull it out.
It is not uncommon for this seal to fail.
I would check the very back of your valve cover gasket, i thought i had a rear main leak too, but turns out it was just the valve cover had rubbed against the firewall from bad motor mounts. But then again it may be a rear main seal leak.

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