Oil leak out bell housing

Oil leak out bell housing


I have a 5 with the I6. I have a large oil leak out the bell housing. I have replaced the crappy nylon valve cover with an aluminum one and replaced the gasket. I am almost positive that the oil is not coming from the valve cover and leaking down. I also have replaced the rear seal and oil pan gasket, so I am a little lost on what to look for next. When the vehicle sits for a while and I start it up everything is good. Once the engine gets hot the oil pressure starts to go up and down and it leaks like a sieve.:mad: Any ideas out there?
You said 'almost sure' that the cover wasn't leaking. Sounds like it may still be the culprit - the oil leak only starts after it runs for a while and the top of the engine fills with oil.

I would think a rear main would leak from the onset as it will leak as soon as pressure is applied to it.

I'm not real familiar with the I6, but are there any oil gallery plugs on the back (inside the bell housing)? Pull the lower shield and clean the inside of the bellhousing with brake clean. Start the engine and see if you tell if it's coming from inside the bell housing.
CJ's right you have to clean it up and find out where it is coming from.
Remember just because you put a new rear seal in dosen't mean it can't be leaking. They are easy to screw up.
Almost positive means that I pressure washed the entire engine and then while it was running climbed in and looked all around and felt as far as I could without burning myself and there was no visible leak coming from the top. Then I pulled the cover off of the bell housing and looked in as far as I could to see without injuring myself on the fly wheel. I think that I am going to pick up a new rear seal and try again. It is only like $10.00.
While your in there check the plug on the back of the cam, maybe just maybe the cam "walked" enough to loosen the plug (its a press fit stamped steel plug) :eek: Finding a leak on the back of a motor sucks, good luck:chug:
I am planning on doing a complete tear down to clean the engine and paint it when I get back home. I just wanted to know what was wrong or what to look for. Thank you for the ideas and if there are any more let me know.:D

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