oil leak

oil leak
westjordan utah
1979 cj5 258 i6 t150 trans dana 20 case amc 20 dif full locker solid axels dana 30 dif up front all rebilt geared @ 4/10 4 inch lift from tuff countrey 1.5 lift schackels
my rear main seal is leaking i just rebilt my transsmision and the problem started how hard is it to replace and what do i need to take apart to do it thanks for the help
It is my understanding that you can access the rear main seal by removing the oil pan. However, I have no idea about the procedure or its difficulty!

Hopefully someone with more experience will come along and explain the process...my seal is leaking too!!
Yes, remove the oil pan. On CJs there is a brace below the oil pan that goes between the frame rails. This brace needs to be removed.
Then remove the rear main bearing cap. all other bearing caps will have to be loosened. When you remove the rear main bearing cap you will see half the seal there. This will go half way around the crankshaft. The other half of the seal is above the crankshaft. You will have to press it out. This is why you had to loosen the other bearing caps: to release tension and allow you to drive the top half of the seal out.
thanks for the posts looks perty ez to do and i have the time to do it just one more thing to do this summer
It took me a day and then I let the oil pan seal set over night. Time consuming but not a bad way to spend a Saturday.
Might want to do the oil pump while you're in there.

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