Oil pan gasket

Oil pan gasket


Questa, NM
1983 cj-7 renegade, 258 ci motor, t5 tranny, Dana 300 t/fer case.
Im gonna replace rear main seal and I'm wondering if I should use a rubber or cork gasket for the oil pan? Maybe silicone? Any thoughts?
Cork. With a thin layer (not a bead) of RTV, on each side. Use the black stuff.
I have had better luck with Permatex high tack. Silicone with cork will squirt the gasket out between the bolts. If you use silicone just put bolts in hand tight and let it set up then tighten.
Im a rubber guy myself.

You've got all three answers from three guys; sorry.

I just think rubber is the most forgiving and lasts the longest.
I vote rubber that is what I use whenever I can find it. I think it works better and holds up longer cork.
Likely apples and oranges but I used Gasacinch on my intake manifold with great sucess I'm planning on using it on my pan as well.

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