oil pan removal

oil pan removal

Kiowa Flier

1959 CJ-5
F 4-134 engine
Transmission T-90
Transfer Case Model 18
Front axle differential Model 25
Rear axle differential Model 44
Military tires 7.00 x 16
Hi guys, jeep (and mechanic) newbie here so bear with me...trying to remove the oil pan from my 1959 CJ5 4-134 engine. Got all the bolts out just fine, but can't get the oil pan itself off the engine and didn't want to damage anything. Any hints? Will I damage anything just taking a screwdriver or other flat object between the pan and engine and just prying it off?

I imagine that thing is close to welded there:)

seriously that is not a rare problem, a screw driver will work but it is narrow and can possibly bend the pan, I would try first tapping a putty knife around the pan, not to pry on but to cut the old gasket. Maybe a dull chisel would also work.
this is not going be a easy project as you need to protect the oil pan so you can get a good seal when you put it back on. so go slowly and instead of prying, try to drive the putty knife in about 3/4 of an inch to an inch and then move it up a bit and try again.

once off, you will need to clean the surfaces back down to metal so it seals back again. Prep work is the key here. bad prep means a leak.

If you're absolutely sure all the bolts are out, the first thig I would try is a couple good wacks with a rubber mallet.
Removed several oil pans and old ones especially if they used sealant when installed wil need to be taken loose like Baja said. Just dont use a screw driver and pry, you will bend the pan and pay for it later with a leak. Use a flat scraper and tap it in and tap it around the pan to losen it.
Took a couple off in the junkyards with a whack from the side of a 2x4. Not the end where you could dent the pan but hold it flat along the side and bang it a couple of time sand see if it works. If not triple check the bolts.
Thanks guys, the small screwdriver/chisel idea worked great...at least, I think it did. We'll see when it's all back together if I did it right...

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