Oil Pressure sending unit

Oil Pressure sending unit


Franklin TN
1969 Jeep CJ5 Universal Four 6 Two
I have a 69 CJ5 with the Dauntless Buick 225 V6 V6. The jeep was purchased with gauges verse dummy lights. My oil pressure gauge is 0 to 60 PSI.

When engine is started it takes some time for the gauge to register pressure, it slowly creeps up to the halfway and then after a few minutes pegs max pressure. I know this is not correct as I have hooked up a manual gauge and it read a solid 40psi.

Problem, I cannot locate a sending unit for gauges 0 to 60 on the jeep sites. I have located some that look identical (in the picture) for tractors that read 0 to 60. Looking for anyone who has overcome this challenge.

I would hook up a manual gauge but really want to keep everything original.

Have you tried disconnecting the wire from the sending unit, to make sure your gauge isn't defective and grounding internally? Because, more often than not, the gauge or associated wiring will be at fault, rather than the sending unit.
mark, can't address your problem but was curios about the gauges. So you have oil/amp gauges that were a factory option ? Could you possibly post some pics for me.I did not know that.Hope you can resolve the problem.

yes sir i have grounded the wire and the gauge responds. what i dont know is if the gauge rwad accurately 20 plus years ago when it was parked. my dad has passed and he was the last to drive it.

i cannot find the resistance range of the sending unit, if i had that i coulld get a variablle resistor and test it manually.

also not sure if my dad ever replaced the sending unit.

will post picture of gauges.
those look like old SW gauges which were commonly used in Jeep from the factory. you could also try a sending unit from a little big newer CJ. i am 99% sure they are the same.

i also also look through my bin of parts and a my have at least another gauge if you want it. if so, pm me.
no need to look for gauge. i know if it goes up i got pressure. i am was thinking the sending unit is easy to change and would start there first. Thats when i realized they all say for gauges 0 to 80 psi. Have zero experience so not sure, assuming everything works correctly, how a 0 to 60 gauge would read with a 0 to 80 sending unit.

appreciate the response and offer to look for a gauge. when I put it up for the winter hopefully i will have a strategy to zero in on the real culprit.


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