old speedo cable to a new auto meter aftermarket.

old speedo cable to a new auto meter aftermarket.


northern indiana
Hi, Has anyone ever done away with the old cj guages and went with new phantoms with a custom dash? gettin ready to order the new ones and do not know if the old speedo cable will work on the new one, i do not really want to have to mess with trying to get a cable that will work, i know guys have donethis but never mentioned if they had any issues, Thanks....
is the new speedo electric? if so u need a new sender that attaches to the tranny
I did the research on this a couple of years ago and for my self I decided it was not worth the effort and expense, but thats just me. the speedometer, as I recall would require a custom cable for the mechanical with a special drive gear and adapter. and the fuel gauge was even more of a PITA because of the resistance in the Jeep sending unit being completely different than all but one after market gauge and it was butt ugly or had no matching gauges for the rest of those required. As I recall, I called or e-mailed Auto meter and they were quite helpful. Let us know how this turns out for you, this is a very cool project if you can pull it off.:popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:
Thanks for the info, I am going mechanical on this one, I went ahead and bought it and i am going to wing it and try to get what i need, any suggestions on custom cables? Thanks, Went too far to turn back now...
I hear ya, Should get it by monday at my door, i will post to let you know what i am into, was looking at some sites like jegs and looks like i can get a cable for that application for the speedo end, then it leaves another question about the Dana 20 connection, are the tranny ends any different?
the Jeep cable is the same on both ends. :cool:

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