Ordering Parts

Ordering Parts


Seguin, Tx
1976 CJ-5 AMC 304 5.0 L 3 speed Dana 30 Front Axle. AMC-20 Rear Axle
Need some help here. I'm now working on my Trans. & Trnasfer case. Just cleaning them up and changing seals, O rings, etc. Not tearing it down completely. I went to the local parts store and had to order must everything$$ Wow. Since I have to order must of the items, is there a better way & place to do so. Waiting in line to talk to a kid that doesn't know how he got to work much less any thing that I'm talking about. You talk about the blind leading the blind! If I have to order any way I would like to do it at home.

Thanks for listening:mad::confused:
I live in a remote area and also usually end up ordering everything online. I order a lot from Morris (this site gets a good discount), Summit and Amazon.

What ere you looking for?
I'm doing this project in phases so to speak. We just finished the engine and now we are on the trans. / transfer case. Next in line will be front & rear axle. Complete brake parts, seals, etc. Each phase I take apart clean up and make a list of parts needed. May not be the best way but it's what my money allows.
I usually look up the part numbers online, then bring the list to the store.

Even the kid who doesn't know what an oil filter looks like, can punch in their stores part numbers, or if they don't have it listed that way, can often cross reference the manufacturers part number to an equivalent.

I like NAPA. Their distro centers usually supply the parts that Autozoo, and Advice don't stock. Different box, same part. And many times, much cheaper.

The wholeale style suppliers, you know the ones without two rows of tire shine and detailing supplies, are the best places to go. Once they get to know you, many times you get onto a bulk cash sale list. You pay actual wholesale price, but still pay tax.

A few online retailers offer both minor and major seal/rebuild kits for various drivetrain components, which can make life simpler as well.

When doing online searches, put a forum name in front of what parts you are looking for. Many times this takes you to a thread with the info needed.
Thanks for the info. I like the ideal of getting the part nos. then go to the supply house. I'm gonna sound like one of those kids, were do I go to find an explosed view with part nos.?
I live in a remote area and also usually end up ordering everything online. I order a lot from Morris (this site gets a good discount), Summit and Amazon.

What ere you looking for?

Sorry for the quick hijack. What kind of discount do we get at Morris?

back on subject I use them alot for parts, I have a store in the same state as I live but to far to drive and most of the time my parts are here next day, 2 days tops. I really like their exploded veiws.
I was told by a few people that the website Dazzdeals specializes in providing pretty good discounts. People with shopping needs can use it to get a discount code to spend more economically.
Thank You.

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