Overwhelming Exhaust Fumes

Overwhelming Exhaust Fumes


1979 Jeep CJ7
I have dealt with my CJ's overwhelming exhaust fumes for 4 years. I am ready to spend some money to reduce the fumes for a more enjoyable ride, and am not sure where to start. The current exhaust is old and does not have a catalytic converter. I am thinking about replacing the entire exhaust with a new one that has a catalytic and muffler. Cost is roughly $700. Will this solve my problem? :confused:

What engine and trans? Where does the exhaust exit? Is this with the top off? The top on? CJ's can suck the exhaust back into the vehicle if not routed correctly.

Please supply as much info as you can, so far we would just be guessing as to what you would need to change.
Its the inline 6 with an automatic transmission. I currently do not have a top for it, so I am always running topless. The tailpipe sticks straight out the back of the jeep. Let me know if I can provide more info. Thanks.
The tailpipe sticks straight out the back of the jeep. .
There's your problem, take them out on the side or at least the corner.

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