Pics of CJ fenders cut for TJ flares (front) or tube fenders w 3" flare

Pics of CJ fenders cut for TJ flares (front) or tube fenders w 3" flare
Annville, Pa.
Hey guys,

Looking for pics of the front CJ fenders cut for TJ flares. I understand cutting the inner well out and pushing it up, but I'm curious to how well the front actually lines up. I tried before hence my flatfender look :D ah they were rusted out anyway.. I have another set of front fenders and before I spend hours messing on them, I just want to see whats the best your gonna get type thing... oh any pics with front tube fenders with a 3 inch flare would also be cool:chug:


Thanks, Thats the one I keep finding.

I have come across a couple of write ups and all do the same thing... they show you the back which of course is the easiest one to do and then they skate over the front... I was hoping people that have done it had some before and after pics:D
Check with these guys:
BTF Jeep CJ Front Tube Fenders (DIY Kit)


Or here:
Tube Fenders : Red Rock 4x4

If you dont weld yourself you can do a search on E-bay. There are 2 or 3 guys who do them on there. If your in Pa. and want a nice sturdy set pm me and I'll give you a guy that'll make you some tube fenders. They'll be the last fenders youll ever need for sure.
From what I see, tube fenders just won't work here in Pa because the tires stick out past the fenders and that won't pass Safety Inspection here. Unless they make em wider, If so I'd like to see a set mounted up on someones CJ.

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