poor mans locker

poor mans locker


North Carolina
1986 CJ7 original 258 I6. 4" w/ spring overs, 35" swampers, welded rear, detroit locker front, cut-out fenders....
the previous owner of my 86 CJ7 welded everything in the rear end.( stock AMC20 rear with 4:10) in doing so, the right rear seal is so offset that the hub wont seal and is leaking axle grease. i am looking to correct this issue and need help on where to find replacement parts or even a new rear. still kinda new to the jeep scene and any advice is greatly appreciated.
If you find an upgrade, now is the time. Otherwise, i think you will need to get new gears, as well as the carrier. I could be wrong, though. It happened once or twice.
Have you pulled the differential cover? If they welded the carrier spider gears I don't see how that would effect seals and when you say "grease" it should be gear oil at least inside the diff.
if you chose to rebuilt it I can give you a model 20 trac-loc carrier for the cost of shipping.
If you have not previously rebuilt a rear axle it is not rocket science but will take some effort and education.
Pictures work well around here and I hope this is not your DD?

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