Powder Coating body

Powder Coating body

Jimmy Jeep

1964 CJ5
Has anyone powder coated the entire tub of a CJ5? If so what are the advantages and disadvantages?
Powder coat... Hmmm positives.. Normally they dip or spray parts with a anti corrosion coating before spraying and baking.

The cons would be the price. And trying to find a place with a oven big enough to do it. If you were to scratch it you wouldn't be able to fix the scratch like you can with paint. Also there is no hiding blemishes in the sheet metal. of you were to paint you can use a little bond to make it look better. Powder coating needs to be done on bare metal. If you have blemishes you may be able to find some one to do the repairs with metal type fillers bug again that's a ton of cash.
I have considered getting my new body coated, haven't decided yet. The big oven at my coaters is large enough to put a couple of cars in. I looked at a 20' aluminum boat they did once and it was NICE!

Also, many believe that only metal can be coated but that is not true anymore. There have been many newer coatings made that cure at lower temps and bond to just about anything.

See -->> Powder Coaters Corner - Powder Coating On Wood, Plastic, and Glass
i have had several body and paint guys tell me ther is not a real advantage to powdercoating . Of course they sprayed for a living so they could be just a bit biased.:D
Thanks for the information. I will be taking paint off tub tomorrow and will see how much bondo is on it. If not to much, I think I'm trying the powder coat method. I already have access to the oven and am eligible for a friend discount. Hopefully it works.
powder coat wow that going to run at least 3grand if not more
powder coat wow that going to run at least 3grand if not more
Just to coat my body I was quoted 800, fenders and hood were 100 each. It was lower then expected because I stripped and cleaned. They were still going to walnut shell the parts though.
My body is brand new so there is no rust. Only problem is that there is no body work or putty applied. That really doesn't concern me as the original body showed every spot weld from the factory.
Powder actually uses less paint than spraying.
I have considered buying one of the HF kits to experiment on smaller parts, however, can't seem to find the time for that either:(
I have an Eastwood dual voltage gun, it works very well. At the shop I use an old oven that was headed to the dump. ;)
We do this all of the time in our shop. Although we would not recommend it for just any powder coating shop, it can be done (including body work), and look perfect when finished. We have custom made a special formulation of OE powder to use on these vehicles, as normal off the shelf manufacturers powder should not be used in coating a vehicle.

Check out the CJ3b from ICON. The entire vehicle is powder coated. Not a drop of liquid paint on the entire thing.

We are Andrews Powder Coating, Inc. in Chatsworth, CA, and ICON is a great client of ours. We also do all of their FJ series, and now their new Bronco to be unveiled this year at SEMA.

Here is a link to ICON's CJ series: CJ | Models | ICON

We are very proud of them.

Sandee Andrews
Andrews Powder Coating, Inc.
Chatsworth, CA
OK Sandee, tell us what the advantage of powder coat over spray epoxy.:cool:
Here is 30 years compilation of the most frequently asked questions we get. One of them tells you all about the advantages of powder coating over paint, and elaborates quite a bit on it. We also have a Facebook group forum where members participate to learn and win prizes and apparel if you'd like to come over there and see some great photos and education.

Andrews Powder Coating. Custom and Semi-Production Powder Coating.

Epoxies should never ever be used as an exterior finish. "Epoxy" is a buzz word that has been used quite incorrectly for a number of years.
Thanks CJ, that is kind.

The ICON series of vehicles have created quite a stir. They won best off road vehicle at SEMA their first year of presentation (2008). They displayed again in 2009, and at SEMA 2010 they were invited to display in the front foyer of the SEMA show. Engineers from major automotive factories were VERY intrigued with the finish, as they had not seen this before, and if they had, surely not to ICON's standard.

This year, SEMA has invited ICON to unveil their newest project at the show- a new old style off road Bronco.

These are not just trailer queens either. These off road vehicles are tested and true. Jonathan and his team are a bunch of wild crazy total off road people that actually take their ICONs and CJ3b's "The Dog" on rock crawling, dust storming, suspension challenging, crevasse jumping adventures. When they get back, they power blast the vehicle to remove the caked on dirt and scum and get their pageant winner back.

When prepped and applied correctly (these two words are instrumental to powder coating), you wont be able to bang it off. In fact, an ICON client was in an auto collision about a year ago. Jonathan Ward sent us photos to advise how to repair. I was very excited to see that although the metal was bent and rammed up, the powder coating did not delaminate.

Anyone can grab an eastwood gun and spray parts, and quite often, a lot of "anyones" out there do exactly that. When you are coating something that needs to last, you really need to take it to a professional (and not all "professionals" are knowledgable).

You get what you pay for. Don't be penny wise and pound foolish. This means that going with the "cheap" powder coater usually ends up costing you more in the long run with disassembly, repairs and reassembly. Pay once to have it done right, the first time. Dont be persuaded by a cheap price. Cheap means cheap. Dont let cheap be your standard.
The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of a cheap price. :)

No matter what you sell or what business you are in, service is always the deciding factor in keep customers happy and repeat business. Customers soon forget low price and always remember good service.

Sandee Andrews
Andrews Powder Coating, Inc.
Chatsworth, CA
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I'll be the first to admit that when it comes to any kind of paint or powdercoat work Im at a loss. I just wonder would this hold up as well as that paint they use for washers and dryers? Imron I believe? How would you compare the 2?

Thanks in advance

I'll be the first to admit that when it comes to any kind of paint or powdercoat work Im at a loss. I just wonder would this hold up as well as that paint they use for washers and dryers? Imron I believe? How would you compare the 2?

Thanks in advance


Washers and dryers (and other appliances) have been powder coated since the late 50's here in the United States, and that is in fact what brought about powder coating awareness and subsequent popularity.

Some people think that their ovens and stove tops are powder coated as well. These are likely porcelain enameled to handle the constant heat that is applied to these areas. Powder coating will not take 400F many more times than 5 or 6 before it starts to yellow and/or ash.

That said, powder coating is ok for intake and exhaust manifolds, and engine casings on both autos and motorcycles.

Sandee Andrews
Andrews Powder Coating, Inc.
Chatsworth, CA
I have used a HF gun to do the wheels on my miata and while the finish is very durable with the HF gun it is very orange peeled, the design of te gun is simply not a good one in my opinion. I had a friend in high school whos family did powder coating and theres always came out perfect but was a much much more expensive set up

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