Powr-Lok Help

Powr-Lok Help


Austin, TX
'73 CJ5 with '84 258, D30/D44
After a recent crawling trip, something (?) broke in the front while making my way through a creek bed. After getting it home and looking for the problem, I discovered my '73 CJ5 has a Spicer Powr-Lok installed. Don't ask why I never realized it after purchasing the Jeep and going through everything.

I can't find anything out of the ordinary so I'd like to pull the Powr-Lok apart. I've downloaded the service manual which says to place an axle in a vice and the assembly on to prevent it from spinning while removing the bolts. My problem now is that when I do that, it keeps spinning. Does that mean its not working properly? Any ideas on how to remove the bolts holding the two halves together with it spinning?

Thanks in advance.
Scribe or mark a line on both case halves for re-assembly later.
I've always used an air impact to zip the bolts loose.
Maybe a quick slap with an extended handle ratchet or breaker bar.
Are sure it's something inside the powerlok, not a locking hub or ?
I have no clue whats broken. I was hoping to take everything apart find little pieces or broken parts but everything looks good. The splines on the hubs look clean. What else can I look for?
Suspect you broke a cross shaft in there if you broke anything.

I'm gonna bet your clutches are shot. Basically the powerloc is a heavy duty tracloc - which really a wimp.

Depending on which model you have, they maybe LH threads on the bolts holding the halts together. The bolts should not spin. They maybe striped due to LH. I worked at company that machined them.
73CJ, you are correct, Sir. LH threads. Took everything apart and while there's definitely wear, nothing is cracked or broken.

If the locking hubs were the culprit, what would I look for? All the splines appear clean.
In the powrloc the clutch plates wear. It is not a mechanical locker. I've seen the cross shafts break but not very often. They are forgings. We made those too.

Did you hear anything break when it failed?

I would order up a clutch pack with steel and clutch plates and try that. It should take care of it if there are no broken parts.

They last a lot longer with small (OEM) tires. Big tires will take their toll especially on rocks. Mud and dirt is more forgiving. What size tires are you running?
I did hear something break and when I tried to go either forward or reverse in 4wd, it wouldn't grab and I could hear clanging. That's why I'm surprised I didn't find any broken pieces when I removed the axles.

I'm running 33 ProComp XTerrain. How would I know if a hub was the problem?
Hubs or something in the transfer case.

If you have the powrloc out you must h ve pulled the hubs off.

Examine them.

Is the ring gearOK?

If they are good. Then it's time to look at the transfer cas. . .
I was afraid it may be in the transfer case as I can't find any carnage in the axle. time to put everything back together and start on the transfer case. Here we go.........

I would make sure before I pulled it apart that the linkage on the transfer case is engaging properly. It sounds like you drove it home and your only issue is in 4-wheel drive is that correct?
Also on your Powr-Lok you should have an additive in that gear oil, if not the clutch disc's are toast. Make sure if you are rebuilding you get that right disc's and plates and understand the bias ( grip) that your trying to obtain.
I'm a big fan of the Powr-Loks, I really like them.
Thanks Tarry. I did drive it home and it does work fine in 2WD. I've got the Powr-Loc back together exactly as I found it. Once I get the front end back, I'll check the linkage and do some troubleshooting with the X-fer case to see what it's doing and when.

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