Problems starting out AGAIN!

Problems starting out AGAIN!


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so i found a problem with my jeep. as all you jeepers on this site know, i have a 304 and the hydramatic trans well, if its in park, for say im warming it up, i can rev it all i want, great back pressure:D but when i put in reverse, and hit the gas, it falls on its face. it also does that in evry other gear, except neutral. when i hit the gas, its like it floods from too much gas going in the carb, if i pump the :dung: out of it, it will hesitate, then go fine. and thats in every gear. timing is set, carb is rebuilt. i really do not know whats going on with it:dunno:

Check all the vacuum lines and look for any gas stains around the carb had same problem with my 360 had the motocraft 2 barrel mine had some small vacuum leaks around the carb not bad but enough to cause a change in the air fuel mixture which it would idle fine but once in gear you had to rev it up high to keep from flooding or else it would cough and choke then die out take a butane torch open the valve and point it around the base sometimes if theres a vacuum leak it will draw the butane in and idle up a little if it does theres a leak just remember to not light the torch just use the gas lol.
I think Johnboy's on the right track, but how did this start?
Has it been running or is this a new acquisition?
I think Johnboy's on the right track, but how did this start?
Has it been running or is this a new acquisition?

i bought it last year, ran it for quite some time and it was running like it has been. so i thought teh carb just needed rebuilt. then tore it down and it sat for about 9 months, i got the carb rebuilt, got it tuned up and everything and it hesitates when i really try go get on it from dead stop. im clueless:dunno:
WEll i tuned the carb up, but it stuill does it. if it goes up hill i can hold my foot steady on the gas, and it will rev up and down. ( its barely noticeable but i can feel it) i know its not the trans, maybe fuel pump? suggestions:dunno:
There were a few links like this latley... Forive me if redundant.

Fuel filter? What kind? I think 2 posts i remember said the solution was a 1 in 2 out filter setup?? Not sure about that myself...

No chance brakes are sticking slightly? Or wheel bearings need re packing etc? Just wondering if theres some resistance happening somewhere??

Auto trans, have vac sensors too right? Although i think leaks in that particular line usually cause poor shifting not hesitation??

You may also ( i know you said was all tuned right...) need to retune timing, have points in distributor??? Clean or adjust those? Spark plug gaps?

I know half of this right now you may immediatley dissmiss... Just noticed no one else had posted for few days and figured id think out loud a little with ya...

Lets try talking through little more... Ill try to help, though without being there little hard :cool:

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