problems starting...

problems starting...


Morenci, AZ
'86 CJ7 w/4.2L I-6, stock front, rear, & t-case, T-5 manual tranny.
My problem started yesterday... The wife took the jeep to work and after work hopped in to come home, the jeep started and ran for approx 60 seconds then died, this was at 4pm. I got off work at 630pm and went to check it out. Was getting spark and fuel but still would not start, so left there. This morning went down to see if it would start and it did so I drove it home. Once at home i shut it off and tried to restart and nothing but cranking... no running. Let it set till approx 2 this afternoon, tried it again and it started,shut it off again, tried to restart, and would only turn over, no start. This CJ7 is pure stock... AMC 258 i6 / 4.2l engine witth no upgrades. I did change the fuel filter and that made no difference. Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!
Thanks in advaance
Check your fuel filter postion:

The first thing to check is your fuel filter position. Do you have this style of fuel filter, with one inlet and two outlets?

DSC01692.jpg DSC01691.jpg

On the end with the two outlets the top fitting needs to be above the lower or center fitting. The top fitting is the fuel return back to the tank. If the return fitting is lower than fuel outlet to the carb, fuel will be siphoned out of the carb bowl and back to the tank.

This situation will make for hard starts after your Jeep has sat for a day or two. This is a common problem and one I experienced myself with my AMC 304 when I first purchased my '79 CJ7 .

I repositioned the filter and now my AMC 304 starts within a few cranks even after sitting for weeks.

Hope this helps.........
Only thing I can think is that it's siphoning the fuel from the bowl.
Or flooding? start it let it run shut it off then try starting it if it won't start yank a
plug and see if they are wet with fuel.

Tired this morning so might be missing the obvious, I'm sure others will chime in.
Might want to take a look at the choke plate to see if it's opening fully.
Well... I tried the reposittioning of the fuel filter, I had it turned upside down, and still nothing. Not sure where to go from here. If anyone else has any ideas please let me know cuz I am at a total loss now... Thanks to those who offered the first bit of advise, would have never thought that could happen.
My jeep has to have the throttle pumped for ever before it will start cold . After that it will start right up . But after a few hours of sitting it has to be pumped on again . I know what my problem is . It really bad needs a tune up new cap rotor and plugs . You might try that . If you have points (im not sure if they did in 85 ) you should check them . I also agree with the checking the choke .I would start it run it and shut it off if it wont start take the air cleaner off and look to see if choke is open or shut . If it shut wire it open and see if it starts . If it was a fuel syphon probem it would start after a few cranks . Fuel pump may be going bad but if its working it will draw fuel from the tank to the carb in a matter of a few cranks and it would start.And now that im thinking about it i had a manuel fuel pump do that in one of my race cars the diaphram was going bad in the pump and it would work for a few and then not work . Changed it and all was fine

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