Proper oil pressure?

Proper oil pressure?


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Kihei, Hawaii
77' CJ-5, 360 c.i. motor, T-176 trans, D-300 transfer case w\ twin sticks, Dana 30 front, A.M.C. 20 rear w/ 4.10's, solid axles & trac-lok, 2.5" lift Y.J. springs.
I have a 77' CJ5 with a 304 and I was wondering what the proper oil pressure was for it. I currently get 20 psi at idle and it rises to @ 60 psi at 2000 rpm. Is this normal or am I looking at some internal issues?

Thanks for any advice.
Right on. My 360 is pretty much dead on those numbers. About 5 psi higher at idle , thats it.
Right on- thanks for the info. I had used an oil additive ( the stuff you see cling to the gears at the parts store display) but it pushed my oil pressure up to 75-80 psi on startup. It kinda freaked me out so I changed my oil and it came back down. Is that stuff any good and is that too much pressure?
It rarely drops below 65 degrees here so I'm not too concerned with thickness of the oil - just blowing seals.

Thanks guys.
I have been told that it requires about 5 PSI to lube the bearings and keep the lifters pumped up, I would worry about an engine with 5 PSI of oil pressure but it will continue to run.
I like about 60 myself.
5 psi higher than his at idle , making it 25 psi at idle. But thanks for worrying about me. It shows you really do care. :p

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