Quadra-trac reduction unit Where to buy?

Quadra-trac reduction unit Where to buy?
1978 jeep cj 7 350 gm small block v8 with th400 automatic and quadra trac transfer case. 32"x 11.5" tires not lift kit

I hope someone can help me out as it seems that I've hit a dead end. I have a 1978 CJ7 with a TH400 automatic and a quadra-trac (BW1305) transfer case. This transfer case does not have a low range. I really want to have a low range for some recreational offroading. I have seen plenty of posts on how to add this part (a bolt on planetary unit) and talk of how much fluid I'd need to add to it yet with all that I have found, i am not able to find this unit anywhere for sale. I've tried a number of online stores such as morris 4x4 and quadratex ebay etc...

Does anyone know where I could find a reduction unit for my quadra trac so I can have low range? I am open to other suggestions as well.

Thank you for your time.
AFAIK there is no aftermarket kit to add low range to 1305, but...
If you find a used 1339 you can either swap out the case or pull the low range off and bolt it up to the 1305.
Look for pre 80's Wagoneer's for the case.
Don't forget you will need the low range shifter and linkage. The linkage is different for a CJ7 but a Wagoneer setup can be adapted.
At the same time you add low range it might be a good time to add a part time conversion.
Well this explains why I get looked at cross eyed when i ask sellers for the part! I will start browsing for some wagoneers and thanks so much for your help!
I'll check it out thanks!

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