question about rhinoliner

question about rhinoliner


greenup, ky
85 cj7
i just bought a 85 CJ7 and the tub is in pretty good shape. it has slight rust but nothing that a little sanding wouldn't get rid of. i am debating on putting rhinoliner in the tub and was wondering if that would prevent any further rust on the inside. also wondering if rhinoliner is spray in or can i paint it in with a simple paint brush?
Thanx for your first post. Id like to see your CJ7 that only needs a bit of sanding to get rid of the rust. It sounds like a good find. Alot of times though, what looks good at one point is hidden bondo over some more serious rot. You can check for bondo by using a magnet over a thinner piece of cloth. Wherever the magnet doesnt stick is a good possibility bodywork has been done.

Not trying to bust your bubble or anything , and maybe you can help us out with more info and pics of the Jeep. Pics are always extremely useful when asking questions on the forum. :)
its definitely not all original but someone done a good job of replacing the floor pans and a couple other places in the tub and the body needs some sheet metal work but i have the side panels to replace and the rear corner panels. but as far as the inside tub its been properly restored. ill try to get some pics up the next decent day we have.
Try to get the rust out. Then buy a rust converter at Walmart- it chemically turns into an excellent primer.

O'reilly's has a great sale on heculiner- its the brush on type similar to rhino liner- which is sprayed on commercially.

Buy the herculiner and a quart of Xylene (also called xylol) to thin it. The herculiner instructions include a mixture scale.

You can spray it in with a cheap $20 sandblasting gun.

It goes on much better than rhino liner. They tend to spray way too much on and it looks lumpy.

Yes- when scratched and prepped right it seals rust perfectly, and its the toughest coat money can buy.

Good luck.
in my opinion bedliner is really not that good because it will hold moisture underneath and rust out bad. i heard about a sound deafaner that goes on the bottom of the tub and goes as a chip guard if i am not mistaken. its called lizard skin and its supposed to be really good stuff i suppose.

good luck :chug:
Well I can tell you- and this experience comes from MANY projects of all different kinds, a liner like Rhino or Herculiner doesn't "hold any moisture". It is like any paint or undercoat and is an excellent sealer. Applicable liners aren't sponges or padding.

Like any body paint, undercoat, or even powder coat- the durability is ONLY as good as the quality of prep work.

The big plus about applicable liners like Rhino or Herc is that they are super thick and have a nice grit to them. You can even add your own grit for special purposes too. You van also dye the lighter colors to make yours unique.

Oh yeah- here's something noone else will do, Rhino lining is guaranteed FOR LIFE.
yes get the rust taken care of asap and line the inside with a liner it will seal very well and prevent future probs. undercoat it too if you can.

im a fan of linex they have life time warrantee

hurculiner is a great and fun do it yourself project.

like escobar said liners and stuff are only as good as the prep work. prep work is 90% and painting is 10% and anybody that has experience with this type of stuff will agree

sand rust out and scuff up the tub really good and acitone everything to clean it and paint the liner in
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I was wondering if anyone has rhino lined a hardtop before and how that might look I would love to see one. :)
thank you all very much.. is it necessary to put down por15 or will i be ok with just sanding the surface rust away and then rhino linering it?
thank you for helping me out with this
thats what i wanted to know thank you all. i am saving to get it painted and have the side panles replaced before i do this so i can rhino liner the inside of the side panels aswell and i will try to get some pics up as soon as i can to give a better idea of what im dealing with
I wanted to Rhino mine, the local shop that does it did not even want my busisness, would not even give me an estimate. He said they could do 4 trucks in the time it would take to do my jeep, and that I would have to remove the dash (and everything else). I ended up doing it myself with plastikote. I did the whole job in 2 days for well under $100.00. Over a year later, it still looks great. Good thing about plastikote, you can buy touch up cans cheep if you damage an area. I have a pic or 2 in my gallery if you interested.

PlastiKote Paint Products

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you can buy some rust coverter from walmart, it turns the rust into a primered surface chemically and wont continue to rust either (if you coat it soon enough).

Yeah man, ITS ALL IN THE PREP- like he said above 90%

youll also see that 90% also applies to the prep time too. Sucks, but worth it.
I got a tip from a rhino liner dealer when i was looking to get mine done. He said to paint the outside first and be sure to spray past where you plan to have the liner. Then use the tape with the wire in it when you do the liner and it will give a nice clean line. I havent done it yet but it made sense to me hope it helps.

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